Generally Pinch Valve Failures – How to Resolve It

When used pinch valve, there are some mistakes are common that resulted in pinch valve failure. Generally pinch valve failure is occurred due to improper installing and maintaining. Main issue that formed failure is pinch sleeve damage in form of torn, split, crack, blistered and deformed. Sleeve can be torn and deformed by reason of fluid passes through it having high temperature, pressure and vacuum. Furthermore, sleeve can be split or cracked by sharp object passing through a pinch valve

Solutions of pinch valve failure:

  1. Read carefully all the manual before installing or maintaining pinch valve
  2. Change pinch valve sleeve before arises to the end of its service life
  3. Don’t used pinch valve for fluctuating flows

Function of Pinch Valve

Pinch ValvePinch valves can be utilized for On/Off and also for flow control services. They are perfect for on/off services as their straightforward design that permitted controlling of the flow. It has almost no pressure lose between the inlet and outlet. It is not prescribed that media with sharp particles are throttled near shutoff.